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Delivering Energy and Carbon Savings

Specialists within the Commercial & Industrial Sectors providing

Low Carbon Heat Pumps, Water/Glycol/Process Chillers

and Waste Heat Recycling Systems

The Commercial & Industrial Heating & Cooling Sector is changing at a pace and is having to adapt in order to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

This transition is forcing commercial and industrial organisations to view things differently and move away from traditional approaches and it is here where Pure Thermal is geared to add value.

Concept Review – Design Support – System/Equipment Supply – Service/Maintenance Support

Pure Thermal provides a range of Low Carbon Heating/Cooling equipment alongside a specialist application support service which is based on a well-established 15 year + track record operating within the Low Carbon/Natural Refrigerant Commercial & Industrial Thermal Transfer sector.

Using this Low Carbon Industry experience the Pure Thermal team is well placed to deliver practical application-based advice and guidance with the objective of ensuring that the most suitable Heat Pump, Chiller or Waste Heat Recycling Technology is matched to an applications requirement.

The Pure Thermal service can range from providing an initial engineering led practical review of energy/carbon reducing opportunities through to equipment supply and the provision of ongoing operational maintenance support.

Whether the application is new build targeting Zero Carbon, or a Retrofit Energy Reduction Project, the Pure Thermal objective is to provide equipment & system options based on a thorough understanding of that applications needs & requirements.

In terms of capability the Pure Thermal range of equipment provides well proven/latest technology Low Carbon Heat Pumps & Chillers with capacities from 30kW to 3.000kW with flexible integration methods and the best possible low carbon/efficient performance levels.

The Pure Thermal approach is geared towards meeting the demands of the low carbon transition with the objective of supporting organisations and adding value via a practical best advice approach based on the needs & requirements of each particular project.

Each application is supported by the Pure Thermal Six-Step Service which enables our experienced in-house Applications Engineering Team to provide specialist Support during the Concept Review and Selection/Specification process.

Pure Thermal ranges are specifically designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of Retrofit, New Build, Production and Manufacturing/Process applications with a complete focus on enabling Energy & Carbon Savings to be practically achieved.

Working with Leading Manufactures in a Factory Supported Exclusive UK Distributor/Partner capacity means that Pure Thermal are at the forefront of Heating/Cooling Technology bringing class leading European technology to the UK market along with a complete technical support service that includes specification, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

The Pure Thermal range of equipment is focused completely around Low GWP and Natural Refrigerant Heat pumps and Chillers alongside a range of the latest Waste Heat Recycling Technology to meet industries developing needs:

  • Hydrocarbon, CO2 and Low GWP HFO Refrigerant (Max GWP offered is 700) Heat Pumps
  • Standard & High Temperature Heat Pumps to 120°C
  • Hydrocarbon and CO2 Refrigerant Water Glycol/Process Chillers
  • Standard and Low Temperature Chillers to -30°C
  • Retrofit Waste Heat Recycling Systems for Air & Liquids
  • Direct or via Heat Pump Waste Heat Recycling/Collection options
  • Complete Low GWP & Natural Refrigerant focus (Max GWP offered is 700)
  • Output capacities from 30kW to 3000kW
  • Thermal Batteries/Storage via Low Tariff input Electricity

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