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Pure Thermal Process - The 6-step ApproachOur dedicated team has many years of experience in specifying, supplying, and maintaining heat pump and chiller applications to companies across the UK.

Our specialist in-house team provides our industrial and commercial clients with a complete end-to-end Heat Pump and Chiller support service, from creating an initial performance illustration and design brief, through to installation/commissioning of the equipment and on-going maintenance support.

Pure Thermal is a specialist provider of natural refrigerant hydrocarbon heat pumps, dual output chiller hot water generators, natural refrigerant chillers, and integrated waste heat recycling and thermal storage systems.

Our Process

Our process

Our 6-step Approach

Review Project Objectives

Review Project Objectives

  • 100% Heat Pump?
  • Hybrid with Gas or Electric?
  • Any waste energy to recycle?
  • Are the Load and Demand(s) identified?
Assess/Survey & Identify Best Options

Assess/Survey & Identify Best Options

  • Review of the current system(s)
  • Analyse any available usage data
  • Consider the site services as a whole
  • Highlight opportunities to reduce operating costs
  • Determine the most efficient options that are available
  • Assess the options in line with initial objectives
  • Confirm all options are considered (not just initial objectives)
Confirm Integration & Configure System Design

Confirm Integration & Configure System Design

  • Check available options are practical
  • Factor in any site or system restrictions
  • Factor in any future remedial work/improvement opportunities to reduce operating costs
  • Identify the best integration + Heat Pump package to meet current & future requirements
  • Clarify the system requirements in line with the options available
  • Confirm options allow practical integration
  • Consider the specific option/Heat Pump system requirements
  • System design is then confirmed to match the selected option
Finalise Heat Pump Selection

Finalise Heat Pump Selection

  • Heat Pump requirement is cross checked and verified to be in line with Steps 4 & 5
  • Selection is confirmed at the project design condition
  • All opportunities within the application are confirmed as being taken into account
  • The Heat Pump selection is then verified as being correct
Supply Heat Pump & Commission

Supply Heat Pump & Commission

  • Step 5 Supply Heat Pump & Commission
  • Heat Pump manufacture review process is actioned
  • Manufacturing takes place with milestones communicated
  • Virtual or Factory Testing takes place as per agreed schedules
  • Delivery & Commissioning take place to meet initial or agreed specification
  • Future operating parameters are considered (any reduced operating cost measures)
Provide Maintenance Support

Provide Maintenance Support

  • Maintenance requirements are communicated and verified
  • Ongoing support is provided in line with operating hours/usage (52 weeks or seasonal)
  • PPM Structure is and implemented
  • Training is provided where required within the support package

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