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Air Source Heat Pumps

The most widely utilised form of Heat Pump is the air source variant. This is due to the very straightforward nature of the application.

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Being very similar to other forms of refrigeration-based heat transfer plants, the Air Source Heat Pump is easy to relate to and understand.

In the same way that an air-cooled packaged water/glycol chiller is applied and used within many commercial/industrial applications, the air source heat pump can be applied and used in much of the same manner.

The principle of operation is covered within the general heat pump overview on the link.


When we consider Air Source Heat Pumps, we see an externally located system that is very simply taking heat from the external atmosphere. Via the process of refrigeration, the Air Source Heat Pump provides high-grade heat for use within the building, process or production/manufacturing application.

A useful point to consider is that absolute zero is -273C on the Kelvin scale, so the operation of an Air Source Heat Pump in UK ambients is practical and attractive, in terms of both performance and ease of application.


As with other types of Heat Pumps, the output temperature of an Air Source Heat Pump can be anywhere between 30C and 120C, even when operating in external ambient temperatures of -10C and below.


Pure Thermal provides a range of Air Source Heat Pumps, that can take the source heat from differing high-value areas, meaning air source collectors can be located realistically anywhere, including:

  • External
  • Internal
  • Extract ducts
  • Hot factory areas
  • Plus more…

Air source does not have to mean external ambient air!

Pure Thermal provides Air Source Flex Heat Pumps, that are able to operate with the most efficient air source available such as extract waste heat, duct-mounted recovery collector coils, and production area collectors.


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