1500kW Air Source Heat Pump System | Pure Thermal

Regional Leisure Centre


The project objective was to remove gas as the means of providing heating and hot water to the Leisure Centre and replace it with an Air Source Heat Pump System operating at temperatures of 80/60C.

The Leisure Centre provides the local area with an extensive range of facilities and has a commitment to become the first such facility in the UK to be carbon neutral.

This forms part of the City Council’s ambitions to be net zero carbon by 2030.

The Heat Pump package is designed to provide the maximum levels of resilience and load management to reflect the retrofit Heat Pump demands of a large-scale commercial application via straightforward integration with the existing heating & hot water services infrastructure.

leisure centre air source heat pump

Equipment Schedule

PLUS 1,500Kw Air Source Heat Pump System


4 x P150 Oilon Water/Water Heat Pumps units

  • Capable of delivering 87C output temperatures with a toral 8 x individual compressors & 4 x circuits

2 x 682 Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Capable of operating in low ambient temperatures with 24 x individual compressors & 4 x circuits

2 x 3000 litre Integration Tanks

  • Providing system integration and buffering to ensure reliable and efficient operation

Ref: Design 80/60C and -5C external ambient conditions


leisure centre air source heat pump diagram           leisure centre air source heat pump diagram


At the time of commissioning in late 2021, this was the largest Air Source Heat Pump System operating in the UK and illustrates the potential to implement larger capacity Air Source Heat Pumps within Retrofit applications.

The PLUS System is practical to apply and completely scalable, the Two Stage configuration and design method enables a complete range of capacities and temperature requirements to be satisfied to meet project demands from 600kW to over 3,000kW with flow temperature flexibility from 70C to 95C.

Effectively providing a standard range of Heat Pumps that can be flexibly configured to meet specific demands.

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