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Regional Airport


The project objective was to utilise a High Temperature capable Air Source Heat Pump System to remove gas as the means of providing heating to the facility, operating at temperatures of 75/60C.

The Airport operates both domestic and international flights and has clear carbon reduction objectives with one of the first steps to net zero being the installation of the 2 x 200kW Heat Pumps.

The application strategy is to incorporate the Heat Pumps initially operating with the existing heating emitters at 75/60C flow temperatures. The ongoing strategy reflects further optimisation of the heat pump system via the introduction of lower temperature emitters as refurbishments take place in future years.

As such the Heat Pump package is designed to provide immediate operational benefits, with maximum levels of resilience and load management, which reflects the retrofit Heat Pump demands of a critical commercial application.


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Equipment Schedule

Chrome OHT 400kW Air Source Heat Pump System


2 x OHT 80-205 Air Source Heat Pumps units

  • Capable of delivering 80C output temperatures with a toral 4 x individual compressors & 4 x circuits

2 x 2000 litre Stratified Integration Tanks

  • Providing system integration and buffering to ensure reliable and efficient operation

Ref: Design 75/60C and -5C external ambient condition  


Chrome OHT 400kW Air Source Heat Pump System Diagram
air source heat pump diagram


The flexibility of the 80C capable OHT range of units enabled the operating temperatures of the existing LTHW Heating system to be matched by the new Heat Pumps. This then enabled the existing boilers to be displaced with no immediate modifications to the existing distribution system.

With the introduction of the external 2000-litre integration vessels, the Heat Pumps are able to operate efficiently by integrating with the existing system in a very straightforward manner.

This is a typical example of an immediate high temperature Heat Pump retrofit which provides operational benefits from day one and forms a starting point for further decarbonisation measures within the complex.

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