Dual Source Heat Pump System - Heating & Hot Water Services

Regional Hospitals


The project objective was to utilise a High Temperature capable Air Source Heat Pump System to operate as part of a Hybrid System encompassing both Gas Boilers and a primary Combined Heat & Power unit.

These applications covered several critical healthcare facilities which all had defined carbon reduction objectives.

The installation and integration of the Dual Source Heat Pump Systems provided a logical step within the overall carbon reduction strategy where the heat pumps can operate via the high-value waste heat source provided by the CHP (recycled waste heat energy from the CHP) or as more conventional air source units.

As such the Heat Pump package is designed to provide immediate operational benefits, with maximum levels of resilience and load management, reflecting the retrofit Heat Pump demands of a large-scale Hospital application.

hospital air source heat pump        hospital heat pumps birds eye view        outside hospital

Equipment Schedule

System 80-500 Air Source Heat Pump Package


2 x OHT System 80-250 Dual Source Heat Pump/Collector units

  • Capable of delivering 80C output temperatures with a toral 8 x individual compressors & 2 x circuits

1 x 3000 litre Source & 1 x 4000 litre Secondary Stratified Integration Tanks

  • Providing system integration and buffering to ensure reliable and efficient operation

Ref: Design 77/70C and -5C external ambient condition

regional hospital heat pump diagram






The flexibility of the 80C capable System 80 range of units enabled the operating temperatures of the existing LTHW Heating system to be matched by the new Heat Pumps whilst also enabling straightforward integration with the other higher temperature heat producing systems within this Triple-Hybrid installation.

This enabled the Heat Pumps to operate as an integral part of the triple hybrid system by matching the output temperatures of the Boilers and CHP units.

Interestingly the key element of this application is the ability of the System 80 range to operate as dual or multi-source Heat Pumps. This enables the heat pump to take advantage of any high temperature waste heat source that could be available. In this case, the Heat Pumps operate via waste heat from the CHP rejected air flow circuit, at a higher efficiency when available, whilst maintaining the capability to operate as air source units when required.

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