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CO2 Water/Glycol Chillers

Capacities from 30kW to 150kW

  • Low global warming potential (GWP 1) natural refrigerant water/glycol chillers
  • Natural refrigerant co2 (r744) chiller ranges
  • Output temperatures minimum -10°c to maximum 25°c
  • 100% heat recovery options
  • Water cooled for internal positioning
  • Natural refrigerant provides tm65 low carbon benefits

CO2 Chillers for HVAC, manufacturing, and process applications

The Pure Thermal team have been at the forefront of the Commercial CO2 Chiller sector for over 15 years and remains committed to delivering the highest-performing systems to meet the demands of each application.

Pure Thermal understand that Commercial applications are now recognising that CO2 Chillers offer real benefits when applied efficiently delivering both high-performance levels and flexibility in application which is reflected in the Commercial & Industrial CO2 Chillers that Pure Thermal offers.

The Pure CO2 Chiller range are the next generation of Chillers, suitable for process or HVAC applications. Delivering the highest levels of sustainability with non F-Gas natural refrigerants and practical well proven performance.

The complete future proofed cooling solution.


CO2 Chillers utilise the natural refrigerant R744 to provide cooling at temperatures as low as -30c.


  • Process Cooling
  • Air Conditioning and Water Cooling
  • Existing Chiller Replacement
  • BREEAM focused applications
  • Combined cooling and high temperature hot water


Due to their utilisation of the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744), CO2 Chillers deliver efficient performance whilst removing the impact of F-Gas regulations and future proofing against F-Gas refrigerant legislation.

CO2 Chillers are also able to deliver high temperature hot water or heating as a by-product of the cooling process, this means that a site which has a duplicated demand for cooling and hot water or heating, can benefit from extremely high efficiencies and achieve significant carbon savings.

co2 chiller unit

20-600kW to -30c

large co2 chiller

Commercial/HVAC Applications

New projects must consider the energy use and environmental impact of the development. This is where a natural refrigerant cooling system can provide significant benefits by delivering the required cooling in the most sustainable method.


F-Gas barriers can now be removed by utilising the Pure CO2 Chiller range.

    • Complete temperature range
    • Cooling and Hot Water Outputs
    • Direct chiller replacement
    • Existing Chiller Integration Option
    • District Cooling Compatible
    • Can utilise existing AHU & Fan Coils
    • Air Cooled & Water Cooled
    • 20kW-600kW

Range Overview

Production/Manufacturing Applications

CO2 Chillers provide an ideal process cooling solution where reliability and efficiency are required alongside high levels of sustainability.

With output temperature capability down to -30c, CO2 Chillers are able to satisfy the most demanding of production cooling applications. Including Water-glycol cooling and production area cooling. The added benefit in both these applications is that high temperature waste heat can be recycled and utilised on the same site, delivering significant carbon savings through the displacement of fossil fuel heat sources.


High levels of sustainability & carbon savings can now be achieved by utilising the Pure CO2 Chiller range.

    • Temperature range down to -30c
    • Hot water temperature up to 90c
    • Direct Process Chiller Replacement
    • Existing Chiller Integration Option
    • Integrate with existing Fossil Fuel Heat Sources
    • Integration option with existing steam boilers

Chiller + Hot Water

*Efficiency will be dependent on individual project conditions and requirements, an individual illustration can be provided with regard to capital cost, operational costs and return on capital, based on actual site specific information.

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