Commercial Heat Pumps for Healthcare Facilities | Pure Thermal

Pure Thermal Hospital Heat Pumps can provide:

  • Natural and Low GWP refrigerant systems
  • LTHW from 50C to 95C flow temperatures
  • Low return temperature/wide DT capability
  • DHW via direct or indirect configuration
  • Heating + carbon & cost-free cooling
  • Waste Heat Source Heat Pumps
  • Multi Source Heat Pumps
  • Air Source from 30kW to 3000kW+
  • Open or closed loop Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar PV-Thermal Source Heat Pumps

A complete Design Support Service can also be provided from the initial concept through to the selection and specification of single and multiple-unit systems.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities are now actively seeking ways to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel heating systems. The methods that can be applied with regard to the use of heat pumps vary from straightforward air source units to multi source heat pumps that deliver high annual efficiencies and take advantage of rejected waste heat from ventilation, CHP or effluent etc.

These systems are geared towards meeting the high utilisation demands found within either heat fraction/hybrid or 100% heat pump only applications.

Flow temperatures of 75C to 95C are achievable to immediately satisfy retrofit heat pump applications and meet carbon targets with the option to widen the operating temperature to deliver higher efficiency levels as any remedial LTHW system improvement programmes are implemented in future years.

Importantly Pure Thermal Hospital Heat Pumps can operate with a wide DT (10C up to 30C+) which means that current LTHW system flow conditions can be maintained.

By operating a Heat Pump with a low return/wide DT higher efficiency levels can be achieved.

This increase in COP is also combined with the Heat Pump delivering greater capacity when operating with a lower return temperature (increased capacity from the same unit).

Design Support:

The Pure Thermal applications team is geared to supporting each project with the objective of adding value and providing options in order that the most appropriate system and plant can be applied.

With applied Hospital Heat Pump systems it’s definitely not ‘one size fits all’.

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