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Dual Source Heat Pumps

Recycle paid for waste heat

The Pure Dual Source Heat Pump range is the next generation of cooling & heating systems, delivering zero cost, zero carbon hot water utilising recycled waste heat from cooling.

A combined system delivering cost & carbon savings.

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Dual Source Heat Pumps - Recycle paid for waste heat

Waste heat from manufacturing processes or cooling systems provides an opportunity to utilise a Dual Source Heat Pump.

For example, a hospital cooling system will produce waste heat 365 days per year but with significantly higher waste heat produced over the summer and high ambient periods.

However, the waste heat (from the non-ambient related cooling demand) over the winter period can provide a fantastic source load for the heat pump at a higher temperature than the external ambient.


Surely a heat pump is separate from the cooling system especially where retrofit carbon reduction projects are concerned?

That does not have to be the case as a Dual Source Heat Pump can gain real efficiency benefits by using the second time use waste heat from cooling as it source.


Because the chilled water return temperature is at a higher temperature than the external temperature that the air source would normally operate in.

The dual source heat pump simply takes heat from the chilled water return and uses this heat as its source.

Hence the dual source heat pump delivers higher efficiency and greater capacity than when in air source mode but also displaces the input power to the incumbent chiller as the dual source heat pump also provides cooling.

Does a dual source heat pump only work with chilled water systems?

No the dual source heat pump can operate with any waste heat source be that air or liquid, examples are:

  • Ventilation waste heat
  • Chilled water return flows
  • Condenser circuits
  • Cooling towers
  • Dry cooler circuits
  • Factory production area heat

Are there limitations or restrictions?

The dual source heat pump is flexible and can operate with waste heat temperatures from 12C to 50C, capacities can vary and the method of integration can be adapted to suit particular applications.

Do the loads have to be balanced?

No, the waste heat can be sporadic or varying, the dual source heat pump accumulation system enables the waste heat load to be accumulated in order to provide the most efficient operating conditions for the heat pump.

The dual source heat pump seamlessly switches from air source to waste heat source in line with the application requirements.

Which sectors can benefit?

Any application that creates waste heat which is rejected to the atmosphere at the same time heating or hot water is required:

  • Hospitals/Healthcare
  • Leisure/Hotel facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Processing facilities

Any facility that is decarbonising needs to consider recycling waste heat as the first priority, if there is no waste heat then the application is air source only. But waste heat dual source heat pumps will deliver much lower heat pump operating costs than either air or ground/water source heat pump systems.

Contact the Pure Thermal applications team to discuss how a dual source heat pump could deliver the highest efficiency levels at your facility.

Pure dual output heat pump

15-300kWHot water + cooling

Pure bronze dual output heat pump

Commercial Applications

Existing or new facilities can now benefit from significantly reduced energy costs by incorporating a Pure Thermal Dual Source heat pump system into their installation.

In basic terms the provides simultaneous cooling and hot water or heating outputs using significantly less energy than would normally be required.

For example, if an application requires 100kW of cooling and also requires 100kW of energy to produce stored hot water i.e. a total of 200kW, the Pure Thermal Dual Source CO2 heat pump will satisfy both requirements but will only require the input power to satisfy 100kW of cooling i.e. circa 30kW.

This is achieved by an innovative CO2 refrigeration system that combines both cooling and heating outputs; this system recycles the maximum amount of available waste energy to meet the required demand.

  • Reduce energy use by 50% if the production/storage of chilled water and hot water or heating is required
  • High efficiency with total heating & cooling input power being comparable to that required by a standard cooling-only system*
  • Retrofit into existing sites
  • Specify for new installations
  • Install lower-capacity electrical supplies

Production/Manufacturing Applications

Even when there is no demand for heating or hot water the Pure Thermal Dual Source heat pump system can be specified to efficiently recycle waste heat from chilled water or condenser cooling.

Depending on the requirements of each application the unit can be configured to recycle 100% of a cooling demand or it can be configured to reject heat to the atmosphere as per a conventional Air-Cooled Chiller or Condenser.

The Pure Thermal Dual Source heat pump provides a practical and proven means of producing cooling and hot water or heating 52 weeks of the year.

The typical barriers to the utilisation of heat pumps within a new installation revolve around hot water production. Hot Water production needs to be 65C and above with standard heat pumps unable to provide this output.

In most cases the additional installation costs and running costs of a fossil fuel system to provide the hot water requirements, make heat pumps a less attractive cost and carbon-saving solution.

  • Cooling process, storage & manufacturing systems
  • Cooling range from 35°C to -15°C
  • Satisfy HVAC cooling demands
  • Produce 65°C + energy for heating or hot water
  • Replace direct electric hot water production
  • Replace gas-fired hot water production
  • Supplement solar thermal hot water production
  • Produce virtually FREE recycled energy
  • Produce virtually ZERO CARBON recycled energy

*Efficiency will be dependent on individual project conditions and requirements, an individual illustration can be provided with regard to capital cost, operational costs and return on capital, based on actual site-specific information.

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