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Capacities from 30kW to 3000kW and output temperatures up to 120°c

  • Low global warming potential (sub 650 GWP) ground source – geothermal heat pump specialists
  • 4 x natural refrigerant CO2 & hydrocarbon ground source heat pump ranges
  • Output temperatures from 35°c to 120°c plus up to 50°c inlet/outlet DT capability
  • Dual or multiple source options – ground source + cooling + waste heat source + air
  • High source/evaporator temperature capability up to 60°c
  • F-gas phase out ready ground source – geothermal heat pump ranges

Industrial & Commercial Ground Source – geothermal heat pumps for retrofit, new build or process applications

The Pure Thermal team have been at the forefront of the Industrial & Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump sector for over 15 years and remains committed to delivering the highest performing systems to meet the demands of each application.

Pure Thermal understand that Industrial and Commercial applications call for Ground Source – Geothermal Heat Pumps solutions that deliver both high performance levels and flexibility in application and this is reflected in the Seven Industrial & Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump range that Pure Thermal offers.

Industrial & Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump

Providing Ground Source Heat Pumps on a Supply & Commission/Maintain basis the Pure Thermal approach is application based with a committed approach to providing best advice from the initial concept through to more detailed Heat Pump Selection & Specification discussions.

Pure Thermal Industrial Heat Pumps and Pure Thermal Commercial Heat Pumps are able to provide very high temperatures up to 120°C while operating with the Lowest Global Warming/Low Carbon Refrigeration Systems. Whether satisfying a retrofit application or a new project then Pure Thermal have a range of high specification Ground Source Heat Pumps to exceed the application demands from 30kW to 3000kW+.

Application flexibility is key to delivering both the lowest operating costs and also the highest levels of carbon savings. Pure Thermal Ground Source Heat Pumps are available in single stage (Monobloc) or Two Stage system configuration to match an applications requirement.

Monbloc Pure Thermal Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump units with single a stage refrigeration system are able to deliver an 95°C output temperature down to a 0°C source temperature. This removes the need to specify a cascade or two stage (2 x heat pump) system for medium capacity applications.

For larger application the Pure Thermal PLUS SO System delivers a Two Stage Ground Source Heat Pump option to 3000kW+ with single system control & operation. With PLUS SO the control of the first stage Ground Source Heat Pump and the second stage Water/Water unit is completely self-contained to provide the next generation of large capacity Two Stage Ground Source – Geothermal Heat Pump systems.

Industrial & Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump

Where waste heat is available a Pure Thermal Industrial Ground Source Heat Pump can operate with dual or multiple source configuration. This means that the unit will operate as a Ground Source – a Geothermal Heat Pump but importantly also has the ability to operate with a second source to provide increased levels of efficiency. For example, an application may have a cooing requirement through the heating season, but varying in time and capacity, this means that a 14°C flow is available from the chilled water return at certain times. Therefore if the ground/source temperature is below 14°C then the Pure Thermal Dual Source Heat Pump can operate using the 14°C cooling water return and not the lower temperature ground as its source heat which increases efficiency and hence uses less input electricity to operate.

Identifying the most appropriate system design is key to any project and to assist in this process Pure Thermal Ground Source Heat Pumps can be provided with a Heat Pump Ready Verification Service which identifies the most appropriate & available system options to deliver the highest level of efficiency. At this stage, the type of Heat Pump is secondary as the focus is on providing the best advice based on the opportunity that the application presents.

Contact The Pure Thermal Team for an initial discussion and you’ll find a best advice approach that’s geared completely towards matching the demands of your project with the most appropriate solution.


When we think about Ground Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps, we think about high ground temperatures that can deliver very efficient performance.

This can be the case but with the caveat of high civics costs due to the drilling of boreholes and associated works.

There are three methods of ground heat collection:


All three systems offer application benefits to suitable projects and can be configured as primary ground source collector-driven heat pump systems, or air/ground dual-source systems to reduce civil costs where required.

horizontal collector

Pipes within the ground at circa 1200 to 1500mm deep run horizontally, with the majority of the thermal collection being solar/surface heat derived due to the shallow collector depth (useful ground temperature starts at 15m depth).

closed loop borehole

Flow/return pipes running down/up within a single borehole to depths of 150m + (multiple boreholes within a system array).

Water/glycol circulates down to a U at the base of the borehole and returns to the Heat Pump (closed loop collector). The borehole is filled with grout that has good heat transfer capability, which then enables the closed loop collector to gather heat from the ground surrounding the borehole and deliver this to the Heat Pump.

open loop boreholeHere, a flow borehole and a separate return borehole circulate ground/aquifer water to the Heat Pump.

Good levels of Heat Pump efficiency are achieved due to the reliable temperatures that can be delivered from aquifer systems.

These systems can also be used where redundant mine workings present a source of water at good usable temperatures.

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