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Heat Pump Rental & Leasing

Pure Contract Temperature Rental & Leasing reduces Capital Expenditure and provides a fully maintained latest technology solution.

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Heat Pump Rental & Leasing


The need to reduce both Carbon emissions and Energy Costs along with the increasing cost/maintenance risks associated with the F-Gas Phase out Legislation is driving the application of more efficient cooling and heating systems.

Natural Refrigerant Chillers & Heat Pumps deliver a highly efficient non F-Gas system, for both HVAC & Process/Production applications. These systems can be provided within a Pure Contract Temperature Rental Package which delivers flexibility along with a complete service that includes remote monitoring, maintenance, and full contract support.

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The GRENKE story began in the southern German town of Baden-Baden. Wolfgang Grenke saw a market in equipment leasing and founded his business in 1978. They have since grown into a group of companies offering leasing, bank and factoring services across the European market.

GRENKE was converted to a public limited company in December 1997 and was traded on the stock market for the first time in April 2000. Since March 2003, GRENKE AG has been listed on the SDAX exchange. Throughout these developments, the organisation has remained true to its original philosophy and strategic concept.

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Flexible Leasing

Pure Thermal Contract Temperature Rental & Leasing provides a zero-capital expenditure alternative to conventional equipment sourcing.

Utilise the latest Low GWP & Natural Refrigerant plant to achieve energy cost & carbon savings via a fully maintained Pure Contract Rental – Heat Pump Leasing Package. Contract Rental – Leasing periods are flexible and can be configured to meet each site’s demands with both shorter-term and long-term Heat Pump Leasing options available for either standard or bespoke equipment and systems.

Leasing Heat Pumps provides a flexible method of financing a retrofit or new heat pump system.

Gain immediate carbon savings by applying a leased heat pump within your facility or process.

A fully maintained Heat Pump can be sourced via Pure Thermal on a flexible lease for up to 5 years.

Leasing can provide financial benefits:

For example, the leasing costs for waste heat recycling heat pumps can be significantly offset by energy and carbon savings meaning that your approach to carbon savings can be immediate and timeline objectives can be more readily achieved.

The Pure Thermal Heat Pump Leasing programme delivers a stepped approach that enables potential savings to be identified via actual usage and compared to the operational heat pump lease costs.

This enables a heat pump lease project finance plan to be evaluated and identified as being beneficial in comparison to the potential timing constraints and restrictions of a capital purchase.

These factors are proving to be particularly relevant where carbon saving projects require speedy implementation in order to start an initiative within relatively short timeframes.

Pure Thermal are Grenke partners with combined expertise geared towards delivering practical Heat Pump Leasing to meet specific client demands.


The Pure Temperature Rental & Leasing team has over 25 years of temperature control rental experience having been responsible for numerous innovations in both cooling and heating rental.

This experience is now focused on providing predominantly long-term temperature rental solutions on a fixed term contract basis throughout the UK.

The primary focus of Pure Temperature Rental is geared towards providing energy efficient natural refrigerant cooling & heating/hot water production systems that have the capability to operate to -25C in cooling and up to 120C in heating.

HVAC and process/production systems are provided from 10kW to 3,000kW.

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Modular Approach

The Pure Thermal Temperature Rental & Leasing approach is completely modular which enables straightforward system designs to be achieved with flexible configurations.

  • Natural Refrigerant cooling systems from 5kW to 3,000kW
  • Natural Refrigerant Heat Pump based systems from 5kW to 1,200kW
  • Modular Refrigeration Packages from 50kW to 1,000kW
  • Chiller-Hot Water Generator Systems 30kW to 1,500kW

*Efficiency will be dependent on individual project conditions and requirements, an individual illustration can be provided with regard to capital cost, operational costs and return on capital, based on actual site-specific information

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