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Heat Recovery

The Pure Heat Recovery range are the next generation of commercial heat recovery systems, recycling waste heat from cooling or refrigeration to provide heating and hot water.

Recycled waste heat for cost & carbon savings.

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Heat Recovery is the recycling of waste heat which is a by-product of any cooling process. Pure Thermal Heat Recovery utilises practical and proven technology to recycle this waste heat in order to produce free and zero carbon heating and hot water.


  • Production/process cooling systems
  • Air conditioning chillers
  • 52-week duplication of cooling and hot water demands


Heat recovery can be an extremely cost-effective and practical means of achieving savings with respect to both carbon and energy costs. The recycled waste heat is already being produced by the cooling or refrigeration system and at present is rejected to atmosphere i.e. total waste.


15-300kW – retrofit or new installation

Commercial Applications

Existing or new facilities can now benefit from significantly reduced energy costs by incorporating a Pure Thermal Heat Recovery system into their installation.

In basic terms, the Heat Recovery system enables simultaneous cooling and hot water or heating outputs by recycling waste heat.

This is achieved by using proven technology that combines both cooling and heating outputs; this system recycles the maximum amount of available waste energy to meet the required demand.

    • Reduce or displace fossil fuels that are currently used for hot water production
    • Retrofit into existing sites
    • Specify for new installations
    • Achieve significant levels of carbon reduction




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Pure Thermal – Enerblue Twin Energy Heat Recovery Specification

Enerblue is the leading Specialist European Heat Pump Manufacturer with a strong reputation since 2007 for delivering market-leading quality with an innovative engineering approach.

The Enerblue range includes the Bronze Twin Energy which provides the specifier with an extremely high-performing range of water-to-water heat recovery units that are able to deliver flow temperatures up to 80C from waste heat flows up to 40C.

Pure Thermal directly provide the complete range of Enerblue equipment within the UK supported by a full range of services from design to installation & maintenance support.

Range Overview

Production/Manufacturing Applications

Many manufacturing facilities utilise cooling at the same time as producing hot water and heating via gas, oil or LPG. A Pure Thermal site survey will identify opportunities to recycle the waste heat from cooling in order to achieve energy and carbon savings.

Quite often the cooling demand will exceed the hot water requirement which means that the energy required to produce hot water can be easily satisfied, via recycled energy.

  • Produce energy for heating or hot water
  • Replace or reduce direct electric hot water production
  • Replace or reduce gas fired hot water production
  • Produce virtually FREE recycled energy
  • Produce virtually ZERO CARBON recycled energy

*Efficiency will be dependent on individual project conditions and requirements, an individual illustration can be provided with regard to capital cost, operational costs and return on capital, based on actual site specific information.

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