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Pure Thermal is a specialist provider of Natural Refrigerant Heat Pumps, Dual Output Chiller Hot Water Generators, Natural Refrigerant Chillers and integrated Waste Heat Recycling & Thermal Storage Systems.

An experienced in-house team provides the system specifier with a complete end-to-end support service, from creating an initial performance illustration and design brief, through to installation/commissioning and on-going maintenance support.

A complete range of high quality efficient and sustainable heating/cooling systems is available with a specific focus on Natural Refrigerant based equipment. Pure Thermal equipment is manufactured to the highest standards enabling each system to deliver maximum reliability alongside efficient operational performance.

Operating since 2015, the Pure Thermal Team have extensive industry experience with a proven track record in delivering equipment and systems that meet the performance objectives of the most demanding projects.

Until January 2020 the company was operating as Green Thermal Energy part of the Green Thermal Energy/Green Cooling Group. In January 2020 Green Thermal Energy became independent and rebranded as Pure Thermal in order to continue to expand and reflect the revised focus of the business.

Having this demonstratable track record specifically in delivering Natural Refrigerant based Heating and Cooling systems means Pure Thermal is well placed to deliver a specialist service that is geared toward ‘adding value’ to a project, via offering equipment & systems that are totally matched to the requirements of an application where sustainability and efficiency are key requirements.

In a market where there can often be confusion and a lack of clarity, with regard to what the optimum ‘green solutions’ actually are, the Pure Thermal approach delivers a clear message based around practical advice and the delivery of proven technology that will enable a client to achieve the highest levels of performance and the lowest levels of carbon emissions from their site’s critical heating and cooling demands.

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