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  • Oilon appoint Pure Thermal as UK Partner

    Date: 1-6-24 The Finland based manufacturer Oilon has appointed Pure Thermal as their UK Industrial Heat Pump partner with the objective of further developing the Oilon brand throughout the United Kingdom. ‘Having cooperated together for a number of years the next step was to formalise our relationship’, commented Martti Kukkola...

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  • Standard Booster WSHP vs Flexible ST2P-range W/W

    Pure Thermal Technical Bulletin Subject: System Comparison.                 Comparing Standard Booster Water Source Heat Pumps to more Flexible ST2P range Stage 2 Water/Water units. Issue date: May 2024 Subject area: Two Stage Heat Pump Applications Detail reviewed: Standard Booster WSHP vs Flexible ST2P-range W/W Overview: Standard booster Water Source...

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  • Pure Thermal provide Palladium in the UK

    Palladium is the Ultra Low Noise Hydrocarbon Heat Pump from Enerblue that delivers 70C. Options include Heating, Cooling and Simultaneous functionality. Pure Thermal is proud to provide the Enerblue Palladium range in the UK. Contact us now for full details. Design Support-Techical Support-Service Support. Enerblue Partner. Click the...

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  • Mohit Joshi – New Pure Thermal Team Member

    Today marks Mohit’s first day working as part of our fantastic team, Mohit joins us as an Application and Design Engineer. We’re extremely excited to have Mohit on board. He has 10 years of experience in the heat pump industry from initial concept development, application engineering, the provision of...

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  • Everything You Need To Know About The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

    In 2019, the UK Government committed to reducing greenhouse emissions to net zero by 2050, by putting schemes in place to encourage businesses and individuals to follow suit. The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) was developed in 2020 to reduce the level of emissions from public sector buildings, whilst...

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  • New OHT System range launched.

    Super Silent Air Source/Multi Source Heat Pump with 80C output capability and able to operate with 20C DT. Pure Thermal OHT System 80. Data sheet

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  • Pure Thermal featured in EIBI Magazine

    Pure Thermal have been featured in this month’s EIBI Magazine with a piece on Commercial and Industrial Applications for Retrofit Heat Pumps. Energy in Buildings & Industry Retrofit Heat Pumps. January 21.

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  • 2021 Pure Thermal Range update

    Introducing the 2021 Pure Thermal Range Update – click here.

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  • World Class Business Leaders Forum – BT Interview

    In this interview eChiller expert Kamila Kuflowski of Efficient Energy is talking live on stage at the World Class Business Leaders forum. Kamila chats with Efficient Energy customer British Telecom about how the bluezero technology and the echiller helped the company on their way to netzero.

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  • Viking Cold Low Temperature Battery

    Take a look at page 30 and read about how this Carbon Trust Cold Chain report features our Viking Cold Low Temperature Battery and how it’s able to deliver increased efficiency and carbon savings. Carbon Trust Report – Viking Cold

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  • How lower carbon factors in SAP will change heating design

    A new draft version of SAP has more than halved the CO2 emissions factors for electricity. Alex Smith looks at how changes to the energy use calculation could accelerate a move from gas to electric heating in homes CIBSE Journal The updated methodology for calculating energy use in new...

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  • Free Webinar on Bluezero Technology – The Water Chiller that Uses Water as The Refrigerant

    Join us for our free webinar on April 28th, 2020 at 2pm – Register now! We will be hosting an informative and interactive webinar on the 28th April focused around the eChiller, a unique and well proven cooling system that utilises the natural refrigerant water (R718) as its refrigerant....

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  • Viking Cold Solutions Awarded 2019 Technology Innovation by UK’s Energy Institute

    Each year in London the Energy Institute selects eight recipients who are delivering excellence to the global energy industry. Viking Cold received the 2019 Technology Innovation award for our Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology’s contributions to the stability of the electrical grid and improved refrigeration sustainability. Viking Cold Solutions...

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  • Dedicated Pure Thermal Brand Launch

    Pure Thermal is a specialist provider of Natural Refrigerant Heat Pumps, Dual Output Chiller Hot Water Generators, Natural Refrigerant Chillers and integrated Waste Heat Recycling & Thermal Storage Systems. An experienced in-house team provides the system specifier with a complete end-to-end support service, from creating an initial performance illustration...

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  • CIBSE Journal E-Chiller Article

    Using water as a refrigerant in a commercial chiller The eChiller is a novel solution that uses water as a refrigerant. Pure Thermal’s Garry Broadbent explains how it works and why it’s suitable for applications requiring chilled water flow temperatures of 16°C and above. High cooling-density server enclosure. A...

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  • Twin Energy CO2 Chiller-Hot Water Generator

    Twin Energy Chiller-Hot Water Generator Meat Processing Plant Delivering -12°C Water Glycol and 65°C + Hot Water Project A recent project has demonstrated the performance and practical efficiency of utilising natural refrigerant CO2 Water/Glycol Chiller – Hot Water Generators within a production cooling application. Application A Pure Twin Energy...

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  • CO2 Packaged Chillers Launched by Pure Thermal

    Pure Thermal has launched a range of CO2 Packaged Chillers with capacities from 30kW to 450kW. The Pure Yukon range is provided in either air or water cooled configuration and is geared towards both production and comfort cooling applications. Designed to provide a natural refrigerant alternative to both specifiers...

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  • Natural Refrigerant Process Chiller for Cereal Partners Worldwide

    Natural refrigerant cooling is now reaching into sectors outside of the retail area where its application is well established. An example of this wider application is illustrated by a recent Pure Thermal project. The client, Nestle, has a sustainable and efficient approach to the use of refrigeration and cooling...

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  • Are HFCs a Suitable Alternative to CFCs?

    In the decades before 1992, widely-used CFCs (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons) caused considerable damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. This damage reduced the amount of UVA and UVB radiation that the atmosphere absorbs from the Sun’s rays, increasing the chances of people developing skin cancer and other illnesses.

    CFCs were banned due to...

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  • CO2 Multi Ejector Technology

    Pure Thermal's manufacturing partner Enex is at the forefront of CO2 refrigeration developments, working with Danfoss to produce the highest levels of operational efficiency with CO2 Multi Ejector technology.

    Click here to view the PDF for more information.

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  • Enex Develop CO2 Ejector Technology

    CO2 refrigeration has been making improvements recently, not only in the UK but all over the world. Carrefour, which is a leading supermarket retailer in Romania, opened the country's first CO2 transcritical refrigeration system. After this success, the company recently decided to install these CO2 units in 8 additional...

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  • Could an Energy Saving Opportunity be Sitting Right Under Our Noses?

    Arguably one of the most straightforward areas where we can reduce energy use is to remove on site duplication of plant.

    By this we are referring to the situation where valuable waste heat from a cooling system is rejected from a building but at the same time the building is...

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  • TWIN ENERGY – Chiller Hot Water Generator (CHWG)



    The Pure Thermal TWIN ENERGY Chiller Hot Water Generator (CHWG) represents an exciting development with regard to providing low energy cooling and heating for industrial, process and HVAC applications.

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  • Did you know you could be wasting valuable energy now?

    Gain FREE energy from your EXISTING refrigeration systems.

    Green Cooling provides a full design, specification and installation service of high specification, cost effective cold rooms and cold storage facilities incorporating many heat recovery and energy saving solutions for many leading UK food service, processing and storage companies and has a...

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