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Oilon Industrial
Heat Pumps

Capacities from 30kW to 2500kW

With a focus on high temperature/waste heat recycling

  • Water source, ground source and geothermal ranges
  • Low GWP heat pump ranges with output temperature to 120°c heating and -10°c cooling
  • Proven high temperature capability with flexible application options
  • Two stage air source systems to 5000kW capacity
  • Wide delta t capability to 50°c (inlet/outlet diff)
  • 40 year history & proven track record within the industrial heating sector

Industrial Heating & Cooling with output temperatures to 120°c

Pure Thermal provides the Oilon Heat Pump range as UK partner distributor along with a complete factory-supported pre-sales design and after-sales technical support service.

Oilon Industrial & Commercial Heat Pumps

Oilon energy-efficient industrial heat pumps provide a practical solution for reducing carbon emissions.

Oilon is a leader in the well-established Nordic & Scandinavian Heat Pump market, with significant experience from process waste heat recovery through to the provision of large-scale district heating systems.

Pure Thermal provide the Oilon Range as UK Partner Distributor with a complete service from design through to supply & after sales support.

This innovative but well proven range of heat pumps offers industrial and large commercial users both capacity and temperature:

– The Oilon range offers single unit heat pump capacities from 50kW to 2000kW +.

– The Oilon range can deliver flow temperatures to 120°C +.

Oilon heat pumps are a flexible solution that can be used for different heating and cooling applications in industrial operations and large applications as well as for district heating and cooling.

Oilon as a company

Oilon is a 60-year-old family-owned, global energy and environmental technology company, founded in 1961. Oilon focuses on the field of environmental technology with emphasis on research and development.

The focus areas of the research and development are on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

· Industrial heat pumps and chillers

· Water/ground source heat pumps

Oilon solutions and systems are used for heating and cooling large buildings and facilities. Key industrial customers include power plants, pulp and paper mills, leisure industry, process industry, waste incineration plants, and district heating plants.

Oilon has a turnover of 70 million euros with over 400 employees worldwide. Oilon has operations in Finland, USA, and China, with sales offices in Brazil and Germany, and in addition, more than 70 distributor/sales/service partners worldwide including Pure Thermal being responsible for the UK market.


Oilon has an obligation to consider the future of the world and its inhabitants. We constantly develop innovative solutions for utilising waste energy, renewable energy sources, and low-carbon and renewable fuels.

The core principles behind the Oilon range of solutions are to improve energy efficiency, reduce customers’ need for energy, and promote the transition towards cleaner energy sources. Combined heating and cooling, which is achieved with industrial heat pumps, represents this objective perfectly: we extract heat from where it causes problems and transfer it to another location where it is needed.

For example, cooling the process in a manufacturing plant generates waste heat at a low temperature, which makes the energy difficult to utilise. With Oilon heat pumps, this waste heat can be recycled and reused in many forms i.e. to provide space heating or domestic hot water or district heating or high temperature 120°C production heat.

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Application example:

Combined heating and cooling (CHC) by utilising industrial waste streams.

Oilon heat pumps allow companies to use heat sources which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to use. For example, low-temperature waste heat from industrial processes can be used as a source of energy for the heat pump. The highest coefficient of performance (COP) can be achieved with combined heating and cooling (CHC).

In CHC solutions, An Oilon waste heat source unit takes heat from one part of a process and uses the extracted energy to heat up another part of the process, reducing the need for traditional forms of heating.

This arrangement can be used to create a fully carbon-neutral heating and cooling solution to multi megawatt system capacity with flow temperatures from 35°C to 120°C+.

The Oilon ranges available via Pure Thermal in the UK:

Oilon P Series

Oilon Chill Heat P series

Oilon Chill Heat P series

Oilon Chill Heat P series industrial heat pumps can produce water temperatures up to 120°C + with an excellent COP even at partial load operating conditions. The reciprocating compressor based P range is especially suited for industrial applications and district heating production.

  • Capacity range: 30kW to 1,000 kW

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Oilon S series 180 to 580

Oilon S series 180 to 580

Models S 180 – S580 in the screw compressor based Oilon S range are well-​suited for applications requiring higher kW capacity with flow temperatures to 85C. Recycling waste heat from process or manufacturing is a typical S range application along with large-​scale water chilling that requires the simultaneous use of rejected heat.

  • Capacity range: 100 – 1,000 kW

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Oilon S series 600 to 2000

Oilon S series 600 to 2000

The high-​capacity models in the Oilon ChillHeat family are the S 600 – S2000.

These large heat pumps provide a standard production model solution to applications that call for single unit capacities up to 3000kW.

  • Capacity range: 100 – 3,000 kW

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Oilon Solutions: Larger capacity systems

Oilon Solutions: Larger capacity systems

Larger capacity systems can be created to provide mutli-megawatt solutions via P or S range combined systems.

When operated as a system Oilon Chill Heat heat pumps offer exceptional reliability and energy efficiency with the ability to either deliver directly to meet an instantaneous demand or to store at higher temperature for load shifting purposes.

  • Capacity range: 30 kW – 10 MW+.

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Continuous Innovation and Development

Oilon allocates more than 6 per cent of turnover to product development. Around 20 per cent of employees work in R&D. With new technologies, Oilon helps operators in the manufacturing industry and the energy sector make a gradual transition to solutions which are based on renewable energy.

This goal towards continuous improvement has enabled the Oilon heat pump solutions to assist clients in achieving significant savings in CO2 emissions. This means that an industrial heat pump solution recycling waste heat can pay for itself in less than three years with the coefficient of performance (COP) reaching 5–8.

Digital solutions are an essential part of Oilon’ s product selection. The Oilon Selection Tool helps the designer select and size the solution exactly to the project’s process conditions and requirements. Oilon heat pumps have IoT options available, allowing the user to monitor and control system’s operation any time, any place.

Heat Pumps are part of the critical energy infrastructure, which means that it is essential that Oilon products as durable, reliable, and safe as possible. Oilon’s products meet strict quality standards and have obtained all the necessary certificates and approvals required for operating in major markets. Oilon operates to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality systems in production and engineering.

Oilon engages in active co-operation with customers, authorities, and other stakeholders. For example, developing heat pump technology and solutions requires tight co-operation with customers.

One of the key goals in Oilon’s communications is to increase our stakeholders’ environmental awareness and understanding of solutions that promote climate action. The technical capabilities of heat pumps increase at such a high rate that it’s hard to keep up with all the new ways of improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions – especially in industrial processes and energy production. A key component of this communication effort is the product training provided for professionals in the energy sector. Oilon is also engaged in association work that aims at promoting wide-spread adoption of environmentally friendly energy technology.

In 2022, Oilon joined the Science Based Targets initiative, placing Oilon among 3,000 pioneering companies. More specifically, Oilon joined the ranks of the 1,000 organizations whose goals are in line with the initiative’s most ambitious 1.5 °C target for reducing their emission levels. Oilon’s pledge covers Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s scope 1 and scope 2 emissions: reducing direct emissions from our own operations and indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

In addition to SBTi, Oilon has joined the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement. Participants form an international ecosystem, leading the way and serving as an example in the fight against climate change. ABB launched the international initiative to promote activities which reduce CO2 emissions. By publicly committing to climate work, participants raise awareness of climate change and encourage others to act.

The Oilon products are renowned for their high quality and durability. Almost all materials used in our products are recyclable. Our product development emphasizes durability, ease of maintenance, and usability.

Following the continuous development goal Oilon offer extensive servicing and maintenance services throughout the product’s life cycle. For example, users can monitor their industrial heat pumps over a remote connection. This speeds up troubleshooting; often, equipment failure can be prevented altogether by fixing the problem beforehand.

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