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The Pure Thermal Process

Our 6-step Approach

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The Pure Thermal 6-step Approach

Our Process
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Our 6-step Approach

Review Project Objectives

Review Project Objectives

  • 100% Heat Pump?
  • Hybrid with Gas or Electric?
  • Any waste energy to recycle?
  • Are the Load and Demand(s) identified?
Assess/Survey & Identify Best Options

Assess/Survey & Identify Best Options

  • Review of the current system(s)
  • Analyse any available usage data
  • Consider the site services as a whole
  • Highlight opportunities to reduce operating costs
  • Determine the most efficient options that are available
  • Assess the options in line with initial objectives
  • Confirm all options are considered (not just initial objectives)
Confirm Integration & Configure System Design

Confirm Integration & Configure System Design

  • Check available options are practical
  • Factor in any site or system restrictions
  • Factor in any future remedial work/improvement opportunities to reduce operating costs
  • Identify the best integration + Heat Pump package to meet current & future requirements
  • Clarify the system requirements in line with the options available
  • Confirm options allow practical integration
  • Consider the specific option/Heat Pump system requirements
  • System design is then confirmed to match the selected option
Finalise Heat Pump Selection

Finalise Heat Pump Selection

  • Heat Pump requirement is cross checked and verified to be in line with Steps 4 & 5
  • Selection is confirmed at the project design condition
  • All opportunities within the application are confirmed as being taken into account
  • The Heat Pump selection is then verified as being correct




Supply Heat Pump & Commission

Supply Heat Pump & Commission

  • Step 5 Supply Heat Pump & Commission
  • Heat Pump manufacture review process is actioned
  • Manufacturing takes place with milestones communicated
  • Virtual or Factory Testing takes place as per agreed schedules
  • Delivery & Commissioning take place to meet initial or agreed specification
  • Future operating parameters are considered (any reduced operating cost measures)
Provide Maintenance Support

Provide Maintenance Support

  • Maintenance requirements are communicated and verified
  • Ongoing support is provided in line with operating hours/usage (52 weeks or seasonal)
  • PPM Structure is and implemented
  • Training is provided where required within the support package

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