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R290 Commercial
Heat Pumps

Capacities from 30kW to 350kW air, ground, water and dual source

  • Low global warming potential (GWP 3) natural refrigerant heat pumps
  • 6 x natural refrigerant R290 (propane hydrocarbon) heat pump ranges
  • Output temperatures from 35°c to 70°c with simultaneous 4-pipe capability
  • Dual or multiple source options – air source + cooling + waste heat source
  • Ultra low noise air source heat pumps with standard 75dB(A) sound power level performance
  • Natural refrigerant provides tm65 low carbon benefits

Commercial R290 heat pumps (hydrocarbon) for retrofit, new build or production applications

R290 heat pump

The Pure Thermal team have been at the forefront of the Commercial R290 Heat Pump sector for over 15 years and remains committed to delivering the highest performing systems to meet the demands of each application.

Pure Thermal understand that Commercial applications are now recognising that R290 Heat Pumps can offer real benefits when applied efficiently delivering both high performance levels and flexibility in application and this is reflected in the Commercial R290 Systems that Pure Thermal offers.

The Pure Thermal R290 heat pumps are a range of hydrocarbon heat pumps delivering the highest levels of sustainability using the non-F-Gas natural refrigerant and providing a future proofed heat pump solution for commercial and industrial applications.

What are R290 Heat Pumps?

The R290 in R290 heat pumps refers to the type of refrigerant used in this range of heat pumps. It is a refrigerant grade form of the common fuel gas propane which is used as an alternative hydrocarbon refrigerant to R404A and R407. R290 is now typically used in new refrigeration and air conditioning systems. R290 is a hydrocarbon refrigerant and is an efficient refrigerant that has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Here at Pure Thermal, our hydrocarbon heat pumps use the natural refrigerant R290 which has a Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of just 3 (see the graph below which shows the GWP figures for various other well-used commercial refrigerants) whilst also providing a practical, flexible, and cost effective refrigerant option with reduced environmental impact. R290 has many refrigerant applications including commercial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, domestic air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and industrial air conditioning.

R290 is one of, if not the most, practical natural hydrocarbon refrigerant to use within a modern heat pump, delivering an operating temperature up to 70C whilst being simple to apply, and with no minimum return temperature restrictions (which can be the situation with CO2 natural refrigerant heat pumps).

In recent years, manufacturers and system developers have looked to identify suitable alternative organic refrigerants following the increased focus on the potential environmental implications of conventional refrigerants such as CFCs and HFCs and the increased legislation relating to the manufacture, distribution, and use of environmentally harmful refrigerants. This has led to the use of naturally occurring hydrocarbons for various heat pump applications such as R290 that provide an effective commercial solution with lower GWP. This new generation of environmentally friendly heat pumps are referred to as hydrocarbon heat pumps, propane heat pumps or more specifically R290 heat pumps.

Global Warming Potential Graph

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Why choose R290 Heat Pumps?

Because R290 heat pumps use natural refrigerants, this heat pump range is ideally suited to situations where low environmental impact is a priority, or areas where legislation restricts fossil fuel use. Where sustainability standards must be achieved to meet client or planning restrictions or regulations, the Pure Thermal R290 heat pump range provides a highly efficient, practical, and cost-effective HVAC solution, whilst future proofing the installation completely by removing the application completely from F Gas regulation and reporting requirements.

Alongside the significant environmental benefits, R290 heat pump units provide a practical and efficient alternative to standard HFC heat pumps.

R290 heat pumps

R290 Heat Pump Range Options:

R290 Air Source Heat Pump

R290 Air Source Heat Pump

R290 Air Source, Water Source, Ground Source, Waste Heat Source/h5>
  • Heating only units to provide 70c output temperatures
  • Reversible units to provide heating or cooling
  • Simultaneous 4-Pipe units to provide heating and cooling
    • heating + domestic hot water + cooling
R290 Heat Pump Applications
  • Sustainable and low carbon applications
  • Satisfy TM65 or BREEAM standards
  • Ideal for Zero or Low carbon applications
  • Non F-Gas heating and cooling
R290 Water / Ground Source Heat Pump

R290 Water / Ground Source Heat Pump

With the capability to operate at temperatures suitable for medium to high temperature applications, the Pure Thermal R290 heat pump range can be specified for a wide range of applications including retrofit and new projects.

  • Temperature ranges up to 70C
  • 4 x R290 propane heat pump rages
  • Air source and water-ground source options
  • Heating and cooling capability with 4-pipe simultaneous options
  • Compact footprint
  • Manufactured to the highest safety standards
  • ATEX rated components
  • Modular capability up to 5 units
  • 15kW-300kW

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Our dedicated team has many years of experience in specifying, supplying, and maintaining industrial R290 heat pump applications to companies across the UK. Our specialist in-house team provides our industrial and commercial clients with a complete end-to-end R290 Heat pump support service, from creating an initial heat pump performance illustration and design brief, through to installation/commissioning of the R290 heat pump and ongoing maintenance support.

A complete range of high quality efficient and sustainable heating/cooling systems is available with a specific focus on natural refrigerant based equipment. Pure Thermal equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, enabling each system to deliver maximum reliability alongside efficient operational performance.

Providing heat pump solutions since 2015, the Pure Thermal team has extensive industry experience with a proven track record in delivering R290 heat pump equipment and systems that meet the performance objectives of the most demanding projects.


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Pure Thermal is a specialist provider of natural refrigerant hydrocarbon heat pumps including R290 Heat Pumps, dual output chiller hot water generators, natural refrigerant chillers, and integrated waste heat recycling and thermal storage systems.

Start your R290 heat pump project today with Pure Thermal. Contact our specialist technical support team on 020 3488 4618 for more information.

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