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120°C Output Industrial Heat Pump Temperature Capability

  • Pure Thermal Industrial Heat Pumps are capable of delivering output temperatures up to 120°C
  • Single Heat Pump capacities range from 30kW to 3,000kW
  • Multi megawatt parallel operating capability
  • Proven Technology now being utilised within Industrial Manufacturing applications to remove or reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Flexibility in design means that Pure Thermal Industrial Heat Pumps are capable of operating independently as a standalone system or they can be integrated with existing boiler or CHP based process heating systems to operate on a prioritised base load/hybrid basis.

  • Operate with existing Boiler Plant to achieve immediate Base Load Carbon & Cost reductions
  • Maximise 52 week per year high utilisation Pump benefits via baseload design

Air Source & Dual/Muti Source Industrial Heat Pumps:

Several Industrial Heat Pump options are available from Pure Thermal which are geared towards delivering the highest efficiency levels by utilising & recycling waste heat from on-site processes or systems.

Utilise Waste Heat that is already paid for & produced by site:

Recycle Waste Heat from:

  • Direct cooling systems (delivering water glycol to -10°C)
  • Indirect cooling systems (via condenser/cooling tower circuits)
  • Ventilation extract systems
  • Heat rejection flues/stacks
  • Wastewater/effluent streams
  • Air compressor cooling systems
  • Production area waste heat

Dual Source Heat Pump Operational Efficiency:

The source temperature makes a significant difference to a Heat Pumps kW output and its COP. 3 x examples shown below

Dual & Multi Source Example:

Same Industrial Heat Pump with 3 different source supplies/temperatures

dual and multi source industrial heat pump diagram

Pure Thermal CWG Industrial Heat Pump units provide dual or mutli-source capability by operating as an Air Source Heat Pump BUT with the capability to operate on a dual source basis as and when waste heat is available….

Pure Thermal Dual/Multi Source Heat Pump functionality provides:

  • Increased Heat Pump Efficiency
  • Decreased Heat Pump Operating Costs
  • Maximum levels of Cost & Carbon Savings for the user

Pure Thermal provides a complete service from initial outline design through to survey/specification and Industrial Heat Pump supply.

Does your process or manufacturing facility have the ability to save COSTS & CARBON from your existing WASTE THERMAL ENERGY?

Contact our Applications Team for an initial INDUSTRIAL HEAT PUMP DESK TOP REVIEW that will identify any opportunities at your facility…..

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